Welcome to Thiblo development page!

Latest news:

  • 2008.04.02 We have a Release Candidate, and plan to roll out the first public blog site driven by WebMore on the weekend. See you next week at!
  • 2008.03.12 Webmore demo is out! Take a look at
  • 2008.03.09 The first Major Milestone is going to be released in a week.
  • 2008.01.16 We have successfully tested multi-master setup, and have an US server too.

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Quick dev links:

— Major Milestone One
— Installation manual
— thiblo-devel mailing list
— Browse the source
— New ticket


How do I start?

You can try it out right now, no installation needed! Just go to the Thiblo's demo and play around, leave your comments and have fun.

But if you want to install it on your own server, we can't say you no. Here are simple steps:

  1. — Check out the latest source
  2. — Install Thiblo
  3. — That's all! You have the whole engine installed with a couple of default themes to use.

Thiblo is a journal factory that is going to fill a gap between personal blogs and online news portals with middle-sized, community-driven online journals. It also uses a novel approach to commenting that will allow people to comment almost every piece of text and help writers to receive valuable, high quality comments.

We are creating some sort of a blog engine. Here are our key points:

A congregation of editors:

Users are as many as editors as are writers. Regular blog engines put the emphasis on bloggers writing material, and have some centrally edited frontpages. A writer gives his work away for free, and just hopes that his material will once make it to the frontpage. At thiblo, content is common, and everybody can create their frontpage from their own and others' articles.

Create frontpages, name them, create rectangular areas and let them be populated from others' pages. Include your material also, if you wish.

Webmore commenting system:

Comments are spatially organized in speechballoons between lines of the text.

AdSense money goes to creators of frontpages themselves:

We don't screw our users by putting ads on their pages, and collecting the revenue. We let them to do it themselves :). If something they did is good, we let them enjoy the rewards.

We serve full domains:

If becomes so popular that the owner of it buys, we serve that domain so she can avoid the costs of migration.

ePoint System:

ePoint is wired into the engine: voting system, awarding system and optional pay-per-view articles can be built on ePoint and micropayments.)

More information:


Checking out the source

The Subversion repository resides at

Check out the current development trunk (edge version) with: svn co

You can also browse our source code from your browser:

Reporting bugs and feature requests

You can use this Trac for bug reports and feature requests. (You know the drill: include as much relevant information as possible, title, description, file attachments, OS name, your mother's maiden name. Thanks!)

Hacking Thiblo

We have some techpages that describe various areas of Thiblo. They are not ready yet, but anyone who is really interested will understand them or mail their questions to us.

Other notes

Thiblo is not only a journal factory with fancy commenting system. Other great features like text versioning abd avalanche tagging and  ePoint System are planned to be released after the first Major Milestone.

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