Misi's thoughts on Thiblo

This page contains some random thoughts related to Thiblo I want to think over and discuss with Baldvin (and other thiblo developers who are interested). Some may be important and some are just minor things I don't want to forget...

Copyright and Attribution

The main question: is this "common pool of articles" model is really workable?

People have very different attitudes towards copyright. Of course we can say that if someone wants his "creations" belong solely to him, hi shouldn't use Thiblo. But this may not be a feasible option...

Some users would happily use cc:by-sa. But some may prefer cc:by-nc. And some would require both or even cc:by-nc-nd. But anyhow, users will not use thiblo unless they clearly get credit for their work. How should this be incorporated?

Discussion: the articles table should have a column that contains the license in some machine understandable way. Tagging an article with a tag requires two rights in the ACL table: the right to use the particular tag for tagging, and the right to the particular article. The default of the first: people have right to the tags belonging to journals they are editors of. The default of the latter: everybody has right to tag every article, if the article's license allows it.

The trivial answer is that all kind of "boxes" will include all articles in the following form:

Article Title
by user

But this reduces the usability of thiblo a lot.

External sources

It should be very easy to "import" some external source, such as RSS feed into thiblo's "pool". But here the same problem arises in even more grave form. Because we can have some agreed policy with our own users, but there is no such thing with the external information.

Two endpoints of the possibilities:

Clearly yes::

We can create a separate box which clearly states that it is an RSS feed of something.

Probably (definitely?) no::

Just put collected articles among our own without clear indication that this is some external (to the whole thiblo) stuff.
And even if we have such clear indication, I'm not sure we can do it generally.

Complete quote of an article

Some stuff in the pool will need modification before one can "publish" it. For ex. some users will prefer to write traditional blogs. And an entry like "I had the following experience in the morning..." may be very interesting but generally is not suited to appear on a front page of a newspaper. One have to write some introduction and quote the article (probably edited)...

Probably this should be a new article but somehow strongly (and bidirectionally) linked to the original.

The same question applies to the external feeds. Also we can define some sort of "filtered feed" where a user monitors some external source and if he finds something interesting edits it and imports it under a distinct tag of his. Other users should be able to find these filtered feeds based on the URI of the external source.

Some quoting/referencing examples needed. and are very different. Some other?


RSS (or something) feeds (generated by thiblo)

It's clear that we should generate a feed for every public tag. But what if someone interested in the feed for a "front page"?
This problem already came up in some other context, this is just another view of it. Probably the best solution is that every "front page" has to be assigned a tag of its own.

Stuff to consider with respect to Thiblo